Khoury For Justice

Chairperson’s Statement

“True Peace Is Not Just The Absence Of War, It Is The Presence Of Justice”
– Jane Addams

“The Keystone To Justice Is The Belief That The Legal System Treats All Fairly.”
– Janet Reno

When I initially decided to start The Khoury For Justice PAC, I thought it would be a good way to support issues that I strongly believe in and begin fundraising for my upcoming candidacy for Miami-Dade County Sheriff. However, I now realize that the PAC’s impact would be more profound by also supporting other Candidates who not only believe in these causes but will also advocate for them. This will provide us with the ability to move specific legislation which would not only improve but possibly transform the lives of others.

As a former Federal Special Agent who has faced and overcame adversities, I have seen our justice system from both sides. Therefore, it is imperative that we as a society must look in the mirror and ask ourselves the following questions:  Is this the society and community we want to be? Is this the society that we want for our children and grandchildren?  And is this the kind of community we want to leave behind for all the following generations?

These are the questions that we all must ask ourselves in the upcoming elections. We have been divided by political ideologies and personal vendettas, all for personal and political power. However, I believe this community is made up of caring individuals, who some might believe the direction we are heading in is correct. But I know that We All have seen the ugliness of the direction we are heading in and how it could only divide us even more. The old strategy of divide and conquer or isolate and destroy has been used throughout history by the Weakest Leaders because they don’t have a Vision Beyond Self-Power.

My parents taught me that no matter where we all come from, what our religious beliefs might be, or the color of our skin, we all have one thing in common; We all bleed the color RED. Just maybe by having dignity and grace for each other and by looking beyond ourselves, we might have the opportunity to focus and consider what “The United States of America” stands for and represents. And once we do that, we possibly just might see beyond our peripheral vision. Sometimes communities have an opportunity to look in the mirror and then look each other in the eyes and make a conscious decision to change the direction of our trajectory. We are currently at the proverbial fork in the road.

We The People must begin to take back control by electing individuals who believe in the vision that the United States of America is that beacon of light on top of the hill. When we as a community begin to prioritize each other’s rights as human beings first, we collectively WIN. Our communities become safer for all of us and we will see a thriving, vigorous, and lively community.

I hope you will join me in this Mission as we move closer to the 2024 election. Please stay tuned for my upcoming candidacy announcement for Miami-Dade County Sheriff.

Respectfully Yours,

Susan Khoury

“Justice Will Not Be Served Until Those Who Are Unaffected
Are As Outraged As Those Who Are.”
Benjamin Franklin